Fluid and Electric Transition Components


Quality will not be compromised. We offer:

In-House Salt Spray Testing
In-House Salt Spray Testing
  • High quality specified steel – 100% mill certification
  • 100% inspection before and after plating
  • Laser measuring ensures correct size before plating
  • Premium quality chrome – Proprietary Organic Catalyst
  • 100% reverse etch to ensure clean material prior to plating
  • Centerless polishing after plating:
    • Improved surface finish, geometry, and consistency
    • Better Ra and Rz values
    • Improved corrosion resistance

Mill Certification

Full material traceability

In-House Laboratory and Testing Capabilities

  • Daily Salt Spray Testing with standard and CASS testing
  • Weekly Chrome/Chemistry Analysis
  • ASTM Cert. Salt Spray Technician
  • Surface and Geometry Measuring Equipment
  • Koucour Certified Chrome Analysis Technician

Improved Corrosion Resistance

  • Precise exceeds the industry standard of 48 hrs for 0.0005" chrome.
  • The Precise standard is:
    • Precise Standard 72-hr. for .0005" chrome
    • Precise Standard 100-hr. for .0007" chrome
    • Precise Standard 150-hr. for .001" chrome

** Ask about our 300 hr corrosion resistance product

Precise Hard Chrome

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